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The mission of the Financial Psychology Institute® is to increase the understanding of how psychological factors impact financial behaviors, establish evidenced-based practices for improving clients’ financial health, and train financial and mental health professionals to work more effectively with clients.


Dr. Ted Klontz and Dr. Brad Klontz, father and son team of financial psychologists and authors, founded the Financial Psychology Institute® and the Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® (FBS®) designation program.

Brad Klontz, Psy.D., CFP®

Founder, Financial Psychology Institute®

Associate Professor of Practice, Creighton University Heider College of Business

Managing Principal, OCCAM, LLC

Author, Columnist, Researcher, Keynote Speaker, Frequent Media Guest

Ted Klontz, Ph.D.

Founder,Financial Psychology


Associate Professor of Practice, Creighton University Heider College of Business

At Counsel, Flood, Bumstead, McCready & McCarthy

Author, Keynote Speaker, Consultant to Professional Athletes and Entertainers, Klontz Consulting Group

Featured Book 

Financial Therapy: Theory,
Research, and Practice

A text that serves to introduce and define the field as well as plan for its future, Financial Therapy is an important investment for professionals in psychotherapy and counseling, family therapy, financial planning, and social policy.



Featured Research

The Wealthy - A Financial Psychological Profile - Consulting Psychology Journal - 2015.pdf

    Bradley T. Klontz, Psy.D., CFP®; Paul Sullivan; Martin C. Seay, Ph.D., CFP®; and Anthony Canale, CFP®

    Drawing from the theories of money ambivalence, cognitive dissonance, envy, and relative deprivation, this study sought to explore the stereotypes of the wealthy. Results show that wealthy individuals exhibited significant psychological differences, including lower levels of money avoidance, loss aversion, and financial stress; higher levels of life and financial satisfaction, financial knowledge, internal locus of control, and a fundamental drive to follow their passions and increase their wealth.

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